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Free Font Mutlu by Gazoz

Looking for a new stylish font to give your text real body? Had enough of flat looking fonts? On our searches for new fontypes and styles to display text, we come across some really...

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20 Premium Facebook Page Layouts

Spring means change and spring means love. And there’s a hidden layer of truth in that statement. The quickest route to success goes like this: make appropriate changes and win the love of your...

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20 Best Star Logos

  We’ve come across some great star design logos and we thought to share it with you so check them out.   Find out more here.

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Export And Backup Your Instagram Photos [Quicktip]

Instagram is the hottest photo-sharing camera app that’s available on the market today, and you may be among its million users worldwide, taking amazing photos and sharing them online. What’s lacking in Instagram though is a storage...